Exterior Plastering & Monolithic Cladding Specialists in Wellington and the Kapiti Coast

Selecting cladding for your new home? Or wanting to refresh and repair your existing plastered exterior? Texturite are the professionals to help you achieve the finish you’ve always dreamed of.

Texturite is a Kapiti based company covering the greater Wellington region. We specialise in solid plastering and cladding systems for new home builds, home remodelling as well as executing repairs on existing monolithic cladding. Texturite is made up of a dedicated team of professionals that takes pride in their work.

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Since ancient times, plaster has been used as an exterior wall material. To this day, it still covers exterior walls in many homes around the world. The variety of cladding systems available offer opportunities to make your new-build or remodel project as unique as you would like it to be. And, if you have a retro brick feature either inside or outside your home, Texturite can transform it into a sleek, modern feature.

Repairs and Repaints

Like any home exterior, plaster does require maintenance, albeit minimal, and may on occasion require some repairs. When a home settles, plaster may crack, and you’ll need to have it repaired. Exterior plaster cracks can lead to further damage.

Quite often a crack in the cladding can be a result of a leak in the building, not the other way round, if the crack is just filled it can do more harm than good. It could be leaking somewhere else, causing the timber to swell which then cracks the plaster. it’s vitally important to have these inspected, identified and repaired as soon as possible and by an experienced professional.

Texturite offer a renewable 5 year warranty on all full house repairs and repaints.

Repainting Plaster

Painting exterior plaster is not like painting drywall or gib. Extra care needs to be taken to ensure the life of your plaster. That is where Texturite can help. Our team will make sure your plaster is properly resurfaced and will perform any necessary repairs before repainting and protecting it. Texturite only use approved paint products and qualified tradesmen for application.


You can create a completely new look to your home when you re-clad it. Requiring minimal maintenance, a re-clad will add long-lasting beauty to your home. Texturite offers several re-clad options, including expanded polystyrene sheet (EPS), autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and eco-friendly exterior cladding systems.

Marshall prodrain8 tanking system

Protecto Wall is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane system which prevents water penetration through below ground walls. Protecto Wall consists of a tough fabric reinforcement laminated between two layers of aggressive adhesive membrane. https://www.mwnz.com/product/protecto-wall-tanking-system